Boulders, Wall Rock, Columns & Slabs

Boulders are large, stationary stones; usually over 200 pounds that can be decoratively placed around the front or back yard or structurally in a large sturdy wall or elegant water feature. Wall rock is the smaller version of boulders usually 175 pounds or less. Being smaller in size makes them ideal for a hand stacked retaining wall, or a rustic trim along your flower garden. Columns are a spectacular formation of stone that comes to us more vertical than a normal boulder. They are most popularly made into our bubblers, but that is not their only use. They are ideal as a monument, bench, flagpole, tikki torch; they have such versatility. Slabs are flatter than Boulders usually ranging from 4″ – 10″ thick; they also come in many different shapes. This makes them visually appealing for natural stone bridges, steps, benches or tables.